“In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively.”

Marina Hydeman
Teacher Success Lead


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Self-Sufficiency with data

When Outschool execs proposed the opportunity to learn SQL with Enki, numerous Outschool team members enrolled. Ultimately a representative from each team was selected to take part in the first cohort. Naturally, the cohort had a broad range of experience levels. For some, this was their first tech job; while another had a computer science degree. However, they all shared the desire to level up their skills and become more self-sufficient when querying data.

“Even halfway through the course, I found myself getting exponentially more confident in the work I was trying to do prior to Enki. It was kind of like a light switch, since I’d had some exposure to SQL before.” - Luke Lohden, Account Manager

Many in the Outschool cohort reported having tried to pick up SQL in the past, however they found they lacked the time and structure to grasp the fundamentals of the language alongside their busy workload.

This is where the Outschool team had the biggest benefit from Enki. The course's bite sized lessons are tailored to fit easily into the workday, swiftly taking you from the fundamentals of SQL to consistently applying your knowledge to an existing use case at work, all in a few short weeks!

“The biggest benefit of Enki was the consistency. Even if I had a bunch of work and fell behind, the daily reminders and accountability helped me push towards the finish line. There’s never enough time to learn…Enki made it reasonable and achievable.” - Elizabeth O’Donnell, Customer Support Team Lead

Analyst Time saved

“I feel empowered to answer my own questions more often.” - Marina Hydeman, Teacher Success Lead

A big reason Outschool partnered with Enki was to reduce additional burdens placed on their data analysts. Throughout the Enki experience the Outschool team were able to lean on their dedicated Slack channel and their Enki mentor as they went through each lesson in order to gradually build up their confidence in constructing queries themselves.

Now, the Outschool team are able to create queries from scratch themselves and can better identify and communicate their needs to their engineers, saving time at both ends.

“I had no experience with SQL before Enki. Now that I have these new skills; when I go to my data analyst, I can identify where I’m struggling.” - Latonya Moore, Community Engagement Coordinator

Increased collaboration

Learning SQL with Enki has significantly benefited collaboration throughout the Outschool Team. Not only has communication between devs and non-devs been eased, but the increased self-sufficiency in SQL has enabled better communication with executives, as team members feel confident suggesting actions based on the data they’ve queried.

The decision to enroll team members across each department in Enki also increased cross-company communication, as the various teams at Outschool banded together to work towards their common goal and ensure their mutual success!

“Enki also made an internal community at Outschool of people working to learn SQL together. We were regularly having meetings together as a team, and helping each other out across departments. We’re still having regular interactions about SQL now.” - Luke Lohden, Account Manager

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Cost-effective 1:1 coaching

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