“I think everyone in our team would benefit from the Enki platform. It would make a lot of things a lot more digestible, and everything will happen faster.”


  • New York, NY
  • 50-100 employees
  • Fintech


Privacy.com is a virtual card platform that provides secure payments for businesses and consumers. Half the team are technical, and the other half are in operations or support roles. Radically improving efficiency in the context of customer analysis and transaction monitoring was a key motivation for Privacy.com to work with Enki.

In this case study, we cover how we helped them do this, along with the other benefits that Privacy.com achieved by being part of the Enki platform.

Self-sufficiency with data 

Prior to using Enki, many Privacy.com team members were intimidated when working with data, which resulted in time lost waiting for information from the development team rather than querying the info needed themselves. Thanks to the effectiveness of Enki’s platform, their team now feels empowered to pull data and generate insights themselves.

They’ve seen a material boost in the team’s confidence when interacting with data. This confidence is reflected not only in the information gathered but also the hours saved at work and the new depth of understanding when devs and non-devs collaborate.

“Overall, the Enki material was really helpful, thorough, and easy to understand. I never knew there was a better option than to wait days to get the data I needed from the dev team. But now I’m able to pull and access the data I need myself! It’s just so much easier to execute fast now.” - Jocelyn Hu 

Analyst time saved 

A key benefit from deciding to establish a shared foundation in SQL and data understanding is maximizing time efficiency. Buiness employees would previously wait 3-10 days to receive the data they required from the dev team, a process which also created an ever-increasing backlog of data requests for the developers.

Since joining Enki, the Privacy.com team members are getting what they need faster, and not distracting the developers with simpler tasks any more. As a result, both developer resources and non-developer time is saved.

“Because I’ve learned how to properly structure and write queries I’ve been able to save up to 5 hours of work each month. Using Enki has also enabled me to build up a knowledge base that I know will continue to save me time at work.” - Nikolai Stern

Having Enki provide a dedicated Slack channel and mentorship throughout the course was instrumental in shifting the Privacy.com team’s confidence from instinctively seeking a developer’s help to instead trusting their own ability to use SQL in order to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Many of the Privacy.com team members also cited the weekly check-ins and project as part of the experience as key elements in achieving this result. 

“This course was excellent, even for those with little to no SQL experience! Having access to a mentor and weekly check-ins meant I always felt supported and was able to learn at a pace that suited me, which definitely helped build my confidence and skill.” - Emily Lee

Increased collaboration 

One of the biggest benefits of Enki’s platform is the improved collaboration among employees. Suddenly those who rarely used SQL prior to the course are able to query the database and provide information to their peers and managers.

They are now also able to review the queries of others and confidently provide feedback to their peers. And when non-devs do require help from the dev team, they’re now able to discuss their needs in depth, and can contribute more fully to data-related conversations.

“I feel like there’s a more even playing field between the devs and the non-devs. I don’t have to enquire about a question I have; I can do it myself and can contribute to the conversation more. No longer having to tap our developers on the shoulder every time I need data has transformed the way I approach databases and significantly increased my confidence when discussing data.” - Nikolai Stern

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