“Enrolling all of our team members to Enki has resulted in a fundamental, positive impact in how we work with data. The non-technical teams are now able to answer many more business-related questions themselves, and relying less on the engineering team. Enki has also refreshed our engineers on SQL and introduced them to more advanced elements of it, which has helped them a lot.”
Sam Purtill
CTO & Co-Founder 

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Josh Schultheiss

I had a very positive experience getting my SQL certification. I learned a ton and got a lot of value out of the time I put in.‍

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Antonio Rodrigues

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. I was able to achieve everything I set out to learn, plus a few things I didn’t even know were possible!‍

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Emily Lee

This course was excellent, even for those with little to no SQL experience! Having access to a mentor and weekly check-ins meant I always felt supported and was able to learn at a pace that suited me, which definitely helped build my confidence and skill.

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