I can now create my own reports in less than 30 minutes and explore the database in ways I couldn’t before. The most tangible benefit is that the analysts’ backlog has been significantly reduced.

Freddie Henjes
Manager of Program Development


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Marketplace

Freddie Henjes

What did you want to get out of Enki?

Before starting Enki I was able to read and make small tweaks to pre-existing SQL queries. I wanted to build on my foundational knowledge. I wanted to become much more self-sufficient - to be able to build my own queries from scratch.

Did Enki fulfill your objectives?

100%. I definitely feel way more autonomous in writing queries. I’m able to pull my own data and explore the whole database in ways I couldn’t before. It’s opened my eyes to being able to do much more exciting things.

How has Enki changed your day-to-day at Jyve?

I can now use our BI tools more effectively. We use both Looker and Mode, and previously I found that manipulating data was not the easiest in either platform. I was able to edit reports, now I’m able to create my own! 

Before Enki I had to wait up to a week for reports to be built and now I can build them in 30 minutes. This self-sufficiency enables me to get answers quicker, and in turn make better informed decisions faster.

And how has Enki impacted your team/company?

The most tangible benefit is that the analysts’ backlog has been significantly reduced. Everyone can carry out their jobs way more efficiently now. We’re also able to collaborate in more meaningful ways. Since Enki, I now have a good understanding of SQL so I can discuss how best to query the database with our analysts.

It was also a really positive experience to learn alongside my teammates, to motivate each other and see each other grow. It brought us all together and boosted team spirits.

What did you think about the way you were taught?

Loads of other courses get you started with videos and tutorials but they don’t include the practical element. The Enki set-up is unique because it emphasizes learning-by-doing with questions on what you’ve just learned, and it’s flexible to your needs. This makes it way more engaging and useful.

Has Enki impacted your career more widely?

I’m more of an entrepreneurial type, and after completing Enki I now feel stronger than ever that an understanding of SQL is a crucial skill if you want to be multi-functional and help across many aspects of a business. It enables you to confidently make good decisions and seize new opportunities without relying or waiting on specialists. I’m excited to see where my new skills take me in the future!

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