I’m now capable of addressing community problems by saying “it's happening elsewhere, x frequently,” and can start down the path of finding root causes.

Latonya Moore
Community Engagement Coordinator


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 50 - 100 employees
  • Education

Latonya Moore

Save Time Using Automation to Address Community Problems

The Problem:

Latonya is on the Outschool operations team and she is responsible for utilizing her knowledge of SQL to gather and analyze data from the company's database in order to address community problems and identify root causes.

Before Enki, Latonya had no experience with SQL and was unable to utilize the vast amount of data within Outschool's database.

Enki’s Solution:

Through Enki's SQL Track, Latonya learned how to utilize her company's database to quickly get the information she needed.

Enki's SQL Track provided her with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively gather and analyze data from Outschool's database, improving her ability to address community problems and identify root causes.

The Results:

Latonya is now able to confidently access and utilize Outschool's database to gather relevant data and address community problems, as well as identify root causes for her responsibilities on the operations team.

This has saved Latonya 5 hours of time a week that would have otherwise been spent manually gathering the data she needs.

This works out to approximately $6,800 in lost time being saved every year.

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