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Transformative skills training for teams

Interactive learning experience for busy professionals at high-growth companies
Erica Ryke
Embark Vet.
The course has made me feel comfortable doing SQL for various items at work, where I would otherwise freeze and panic.
Alex Marcus
Slow Ventures
The trade off on knowledge gained vs. time spent vs. amount paid is --in my opinion--super worth it for a motivated professional.
Adam Gries
Material World
The Enki course was insane value for money. Our team member who participated now does analytics and reporting work that was previously assigned to software engineers, and she loves it.
Alex Rabinowitz
This doesn't feel like a remote course because of all the interactive interactions and being able to get in contact with the instructor so easily.

The best way to learn on-the-go

Hundreds of thousands of professionals use the award winning Enki app to learn and keep their skills sharp
Kate Sandler
Google Play Store
This app is marvelous.
The modules are rich with content but not overwhelming in size. Quiz questions are refreshingly well conceived and genuinely interesting to answer.

I regret that I didn't take up this app sooner
Apple Appstore
This app allows for fun quick, easy and attainable learning goals that are geared toward either time crunch learners or have time to kill waiting somewhere.

Fun without making you feel ignorant.
Raphaele Cline
Google Play Store
Really good learning techniques on this app. You get to read the theory, test your knowledge and then play around with it to put it into practice every step of the way. Very good structure of info and nice interface.

I enjoy learning on this app.
Son of lars
Apple Appstore
This app works best if you use it daily in small doses. I'll jump on it while I'm waiting for coffee to brew or really anything that takes 5min or so.

Highly recommend!
Our tech automates exercise assignments, real-time assessment, progress analysis, and much more - focusing mentors' time on personalized discussion and feedback.
Our mentors have access to an AI data platform which gives them insights and trends on each learner. This helps them deliver the right, personalized experience to each learner.
Our learning recommendation algorithms leverage the data from our mobile application which has helped over half a million people learn SQL.

The science behind Enki

Here's a peek into the magic of the technology and AI part of EnkiCamp