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“I feel like I’ve unlocked a superpower. I’m now saving hours of time every week both on my end, and for my data team.“
Product Manager, Kiavi
“The team is no longer bottlenecked. We’re moving way more quickly than before and getting to answers sooner. This could be worth millions of dollars.“
Director of Business Operations, Kiavi
Sam Purtill
“After the pilot we had multiple people in the office asking to participate. We will get the whole company enrolled.“
Sam Purtill
CTO, Jyve.com
Marina Hydeman
“In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively.“
Marina Hydeman
Teacher Success Lead, Outschool
“I think everyone in our team would benefit from the Enki platform. It would make a lot of things a lot more digestible, and everything will happen faster.“
Operations Manager, Jackpocket
“I’m now capable of addressing community problems by saying "it's happening elsewhere, x frequently", and can start down the path of finding root causes.“
Latonya Moore
Community Engagement Coordinator, Outschool
“The trade off between knowledge gained vs. time spent and amount paid is, in my opinion, super worth it for a motivated professional.“
Alex Marcus
VC, Slow Ventures
“Even halfway through the course, I found myself getting exponentially more confident in the work I was trying to do prior to Enki.“
Luke Lohden
Account Manager, Outschool

Meet your AI-enabled coach

Professional athletes have a coach for every aspect of their performance. Why can’t you for your work? Enki’s AI-powered coaching on-demand - combined with state of the art, structured learning content - makes this a reality.
1:1 AI Coaching
What formula could I use to split data into columns?
You can use the “Split Text” formula to split data into columns.
Google Sheets interface with formula
Personalized exercises
Interactive practice
Enki helps fast growing companies scale their productivity tool usage and team performance. Learn more →

Meet your AI-enabled coach

Professional athletes have a coach for every aspect of their performance. Why can't you for your work? Enki's network of vetted experts - armed with our software and AI - makes this a reality.

Personalized guidance

Imagine having a friendly technical colleague always by your side. Our coaches and AI are on hand to answer questions, keep you on track, and troubleshoot an issue whenever it’s needed.

New skills applied to every role

There’s little value to learning concepts that aren't directly applicable to your work. Your coach will ensure you’re applying what you’re learning in the highest-impact way to your role.

Cost-effective 1:1 coaching

Having that friendly technical colleague by your side at all times isn’t cheap! But our software allocates their time in a way that makes it 10X more cost-effective than if it was all offline.

Meet our mentors

Our coaches are technical operators at some of the top companies in the US. We have expertise in all relevant productivity tools, so no matter your company stack - you’ll be in safe hands.

Supported by top experts

Our coaches and program experience designers are technical operators at the top companies in the US. They’ve been carefully vetted to ensure you have a fully personalized coaching experience.
Product and AI Lead
Data Science & Growth Lead
Software Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Technology Program Manager
Software Engineer
Data Manager
Staff Data Engineer
Gitlab Inc
"Across all roles, data and tools proficiency is one of the features of A+ people"
Steven Boone
Chief of Staff to the CRO

Fully customized to every employee

Enki does all the work to customize its platform for every employee and company. We identify relevant workflows, then our AI and highly-targeted coaching optimizes them. All you do is add team members, and see the results.


Designed to save time and execute faster

Every Enki module focuses on application to use cases that will save money and help you move faster - right now! Enki streamlines workflows, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes the pressure on data and technical teams.

Works with any stack

No matter what tools your company uses, we'll help you unleash their power! Whether it's Looker, Tableau, SQL, Spreadsheets, Snowflake, or an internal tool, we'll turbocharge your work with them - fast.

Google Data Studio
Google analytics

Busy professionals ❤️ us

The Enki experience has an NPS of 91 and an engagement rate of 95%. Busy professionals love Enki because it fundamentally changes their workflow and productivity, with no time is wasted. No boring lectures, no fluff, all end-goal-oriented, and maybe even fun!

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Data best practices to give you the edge that 99% don’t have.
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Learn to work with Tableau in the highest impact way for your role.
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Become confident with and make the most of Looker in your role.
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Learn and apply SQL in the highest impact way for your role.
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Excel / Sheets

Excel at spreadsheets like the top 1% do in your role.
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Know Your Data

Enki enables you to use data in the highest impact way for your role.
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