"I learned to automate several reports that I used to have to send manually. A ton of time is now being saved.”

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Enki’s efficient, cost-effective training empowered Jackpocket to increase their team’s Looker and effective data usage from less than 10% of employees to over 60%. This has led to a 10% time saving for all employees, a 15% time saving for the data team, and $115,000 in cost savings in Year 1 since partnering with Enki. Read on to learn more!

Jackpocket is now the most popular third-party lottery app in the US by far - beating out Tiktok as the most downloaded app in the App Store overall during the Mega Millions. Streamlining and analyzing data effectively org-wide has been one of the most important factors for its growth.

“Everything we do at Jackpocket is data-oriented. We use Looker to measure retention, engagement, plays - everything. It’s crucial that everyone is able to be comfortable with our data and tooling.” - Matt, Head of Data

Team-wide Looker usage

Fewer than 15% of business employees use Looker and other BI tools effectively without a streamlined, mentor-guided training process. Before partnering with Enki, the Jackpocket team was no different. As a result, they relied heavily on the data team to get what they needed from Looker, which created a big bottleneck.

Enki was tasked with increasing the team's Looker utilization and confidence with the platform, while also reducing reliance on the data team for simpler tasks. Enki’s platform, which combines 1:1 mentorship with efficient async exercises, helped them do just that. 

“I can create dashboards completely on my own now. Before I had no idea how to do it, and had to rely on the data team.” - Brittany, Marketing Manager

Impact on Jackpocket

The Jackpocket team was able to learn Looker in a very efficient way using the Enki platform, while building confidence in using Looker for relevant tasks.

Now, the Jackpocket team is able to draw insights, create dashboards, and use Looker in a self-service fashion - saving over 5 hours per week as a result of streamlined workflows using data.

“I learned to automate several reports that I used to have to send manually to managers.” - Alex, Operations Manager

Thanks to Enki’s customized and effective approach, the Jackpocket team has been transformed:

  • 3 hours saved per week for each business employee
  • 4 hours saved per week for each data team member
  • $115,000 in cost savings as a result of the above in Year 1
“Before Enki, I only looked at dashboards that others have built. Now I’m able to build dashboards on my own pretty quickly. I can also analyze data on my own which saves me time and helps me run better campaigns.” - Mahrukh, Marketing Manager

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Sam Purtill

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Sam Purtill - CTO, Jyve.com
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"In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively."

Marina Hydeman - Teacher Success Lead, Outschool

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Emily Lee - Customer Experience, Privacy.com