“The team is no longer bottlenecked by data science ... we're moving way more quickly than we were before.”

Samantha Battles
Director of Business Operations


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 100-500
  • Fintech


As one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, Kiavi’s digital platform empowers real estate investors to make smarter decisions, gain access to funding quicker, and scale their business.

Enki gave Kiavi's business employees the skills they needed to be self-sufficient with Tableau. This streamlined their workflows, and saved Kiavi’s data team tens of hours per week that would have otherwise been spent on ad-hoc requests. These savings worked out to over $95,000 in the first year of Enki adoption at Kiavi, an ROI of 8X.

Self-sufficiency with Data

Before Kiavi partnered with Enki to deliver training, there was limited adoption of Tableau organization-wide. Employees weren’t appropriately utilizing company data when making decisions. As a result, its data team was inundated with requests, leaving them with less time to focus on their core responsibilities. 

“Whenever someone submits a scope of work, we determine if budget and scope are adequate. It’s an insane amount of data, and we have to manually create comparison charts and tables. With access to Tableau, I’ll be able to do it in a few minutes. It saves me hours of work every week.” - Cory Kircher, Feasibility Analyst

The Enki Tableau track was a turning point for business employees at Kiavi. Enki provided each learner with a fully customized experience to ensure they leveraged company data and applied Tableau in the highest impact way to their role.

1:1 guidance from Enki Tableau mentors throughout the course ensured high engagement, and effective results with maximum efficiency.

“The course is laid out really well. I liked the gradual refinement of the higher-level concepts over time. Having something to do every day helps keep everything fresh when you’re learning something new. Friday revisions were good for refreshing concepts. I got out of it what I was hoping to, and I know exactly how to recreate what I need. Good foundation to build off of.” - Kevin Morrissey, Closing Manager

Tableau Literacy Improved and Time Saved Organization-Wide

Enki’s Tableau training translated to 15% in time saved weekly for employees who use the BI tool regularly.

After just two months, employees can draw insights, create dashboards, and use Tableau in a self-service way to support their daily responsibilities.

“Instead of filing a prod support ticket for the data team, I can now just do it myself, which saves a lot of time. Because the data team is super busy, there are a bunch of things we don’t track. Now I set things up to track myself.” - Molly Millington, Product Manager

What’s more, Kiavi’s data team now saves around 3 hours per person per week due to fewer ad-hoc requests from business employees. 

Tableau Confidence Boosted

The benefits of Enki enable the Kiavi team to also create more value for their clients by making smarter and data-informed decisions due to their improved Tableau literacy. 

Now, employees who previously considered themselves onlookers - limited to only viewing dashboards and reports - have now taken a more hands-on approach since they joined Enki.

Kiavi’s team is now creating their own reports without waiting on or relying on their data team's input. 

“The team is no longer blocked or bottlenecked by data science. We're moving way more quickly than before and getting to answers sooner. This could be worth millions of dollars.” - Samantha Battles, Director of Business Operations
  • 50% more reports generated or questions answered
  • 15% of all participating employees’ time saved per week
  • Each member of the data team saves 3 hours a week on ad-hoc report requests
  • $95,000 in benefits resulting from the time savings above

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