Enki App Comments Policy

Last updated: October 5, 2022

At ENKI, comments can be in one of three categories.

1. LIVE:

A LIVE comment is any regular comment in the Enki App, visible to all users. Any Enki user can upvote or downvote a LIVE comment, reply to it and start a discussion thread, or report it to the Enki team.


A RESOLVED comment is a comment which resulted in content edits and became out of date. Once the content has been updated according to the suggestions from the comment, the comment will be resolved if it lost its contextual meaning after the content update. All resolved comments are moved to the Resolved Comments Section at the bottom of the comments page, visible to all users but collapsed by default. Any reply to a resolved comment is also considered resolved.


An ARCHIVED comment is any comment that is fundamentally unrelated to the content or actively harms the Enki experience. This includes but isn't limited to duplicate comments, comments containing spam or suspicious links, comments violating copyrights or containing profanities, comments containing hate speech or sharing unauthorized confidential information. Once a comment has been archived, it will disappear for all users except the comment's author, and Enki admins. Note that any reply to an archive comment will also be archived.

As always, we’re here to help! If you think there's a comment that was resolved or archived and it shouldn't have, please reach out us via the in-app feedback channels, our email support@enki.com, or our Twitter @enkidevs.