Your questions, answered.

How personalized are the courses? Is there real-time help available from the mentor?

Our mentors will work closely with you on an ongoing basis, to ensure the experience fits your needs as much as possible.

Your will have a personal mentor who will be on hand and available to chat with you on a daily basis to both answer questions and dig into any topics.

We also help you learn from others in the cohort, as well as our network of mentors, which add a new dimension relative to learning by yourself.

What are some practical benefits of your courses?

Many of the practical examples are job and company specific. However, here are some things you might be able to do or have more confidence in after the course:

  1. Query data yourself to learn about your products, customers, or clients;
  2. Use business intelligence tools like Mode, Tableau, Periscope and Looker;
  3. Create data-driven presentations more quickly and effectively;
  4. Have better discussions around data;
  5. Have better discussions with your developers in general;
  6. Create funnel analyses for marketing, product and sales;
  7. Create AB tests to analyze product performance;
  8. Work with public datasets to help your team and your company discover new market opportunities (ie. data.gov);
  9. Build data-driven applications using rapid development environments that depend on an understanding of relational data (ie. Airtable, Coda, Podio, etc).

What’s the time commitment? I’m worried this might take up too much of my or my team’s time.

"The trade off between knowledge gained vs. time spent and amount paid is, in my opinion, super worth it for a motivated professional."

In a typical week, you’ll have:

a) one or two 15-30min video calls;

b) 5 interactive online exercises during the week which build on your knowledge as you make progress;

and c) follow-up questions and discussions on Slack with your peers, mentor, and mentors.

It’s possible to get through all the core material in 2-3 hours per week, which means that you can complete the course without taking a material amount of time from your work or usual routine. However, those that spend at least another couple hours per week on discussion and stretch exercises get much more from the course.

From our experience, those that end up doing this worry least about time commitment because of how much value they get out of it.

Couldn’t I just find a lot of these materials on YouTube or elsewhere for free?

You could, and we'd recommend you do so during and after the course! The main value of the EnkiCamp experience is in the personalized, always-on-hand work with the mentor, and the customization to work and company needs.

This includes the customized project work, the curation and order of exercises depending on your goals, the personalized discussion with your mentor and group, the live video call discussions, and the guidance from your mentor as you apply what you're learning to practical problems at work.

Can I expense the cost of this course with my company?

Yes. Most companies will allow you to expense the fee of this course; and we’re happy to help you with that process by providing the appropriate expense forms.

Even when their companies don’t have a budget for learning, nearly all applicants are happy to invest into this experience themselves because of the manageable price and long-term personal benefits.

What skills or preparation is required to take each course?

The only thing that’s absolutely required is an open-minded and positive approach to learning in a new format! Other than that, it’s helpful to understand how you might use data practically at work in the near future, for the mentor to keep that in mind as they customize the experience for you.

Either way, they’ll work with you to understand this as the course goes on, so that your final project is as practically useful to you as possible.

What skills or preparation is required to take each course?

Absolutely. You’ll be able to view all the exercises afterwards. Most have additional, optional, exercises and materials - so if you didn’t finish them you can always go back to revise or revisit. You’ll also stay part of the Slack community, which you can leverage for continued discussion in the future.

How do you choose who gets accepted from the applications?

We keep cohort sizes relatively small to ensure everyone has a high quality and personalized experience. We focus most on those that seem like they’ll be able to get the most benefit from the course. This depends on a number of factors - but if you fit the profile in the “how do I know if this course is for me?” question above, you’ll have a great chance!

I’ve applied to the program. Now what?

We may get in touch by email or phone with a few extra questions. Either way, you should expect to hear from us not later than 2 weeks after your application or 1 week before your cohort would start, whichever is the earlier.

If you’re accepted, you’ll then have 2 days to pay the enrollment fee, otherwise your spot will be passed on to someone else. Once paid, you’ll get all the instructions for how to get set up before the start date!

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"After the pilot we had multiple people in the office asking to participate. We will get the whole company enrolled."

Sam Purtill - CTO, Jyve.com
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"In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively."

Marina Hydeman - Teacher Success Lead, Outschool

"I think everyone in our team would benefit from the Enki platform. It would make a lot of things a lot more digestible, and everything will happen faster"

Emily Lee - Customer Experience, Privacy.com