What we're doing

Our mission is to match every employee with high quality mentorship. In doing so, we'll help them and their company fulfill their potential.

The Enki story

Enki was founded by Kirill Makharinsky after he saw the impact of the internal data academy at the hotel booking company he co-founded previously. It was a big contributor to scaling team efficiency and performance as the company grew from $5m in ARR to over $100m, while becoming profitable.

1:1 mentorship programs for employees are enjoyed by professionals only at a few elite companies - such as Google, Amazon and Airbnb. They are incredibly impactful, but very difficult and expensive to start and run.

Enki democratizes effective, 1:1 mentorship for all employees and companies - by leveraging a managed marketplace of experts and software which connects and manages their time with learners.

Now everyone can get the benefits of personalized coaching - with a focus on learning how to use cutting edge tools that make work more productive, effective and enjoyable.


Force Over Mass Capital
What Three Words
Matt Humphrey
Lending Home
John Earner
SpaceApe Games
Dave Hersh
Auren Hoffman
Chris Mairs
Metaswitch Networks
Errol Damelin
Rick Marini
Tickle, BranchOut
Zach Coelius
Coelius Capital
Roger Dickey
Eric Wu
Alan Rutledge
Andy McLoughlin
Uncork Capital
Suranga Chandratillake
Balderton Capital
Murtaza Ahmed
Softbank Vision Fund
Victor Hwang
Industry Ventures
I2BF Digital
ServiceTitan, Fubo.tv
Digital Leaders Ventures
AirCall, PayKey

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Customized skills coaching for professionals who want to execute faster, learn state of the art tools, and accelerate their career
Sam Purtill

"After the pilot we had multiple people in the office asking to participate. We will get the whole company enrolled."

Sam Purtill - CTO, Jyve.com
Marina Hydeman

"In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively."

Marina Hydeman - Teacher Success Lead, Outschool

"I think everyone in our team would benefit from the Enki platform. It would make a lot of things a lot more digestible, and everything will happen faster"

Emily Lee - Customer Experience, Privacy.com