Your team up-skilled, on demand.

“It’s crucial that everyone on the team is comfortable with our data and tooling. Without Enki we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this.
- Matt, Head of Data @ Jackpocket
Browser window with Enki and Looker interfaces
Katie, Customer Success Manager
I want to create custom reports 
for partners on my own.
James, Mentor
Hey Katie, sure thing! And we'll discuss how you can create them as efficiently as possible.

Fully custom to company needs

No matter what tools your company uses, we'll help you unleash their power! Whether it's Looker, Tableau, SQL, Spreadsheets, Snowflake, or an internal tool, we'll turbocharge your work with them - fast. Watch 2 min video how Enki works.

Fully custom to company needs

We do all the heavy lifting to customize the Enki platform to your company - factoring in your workflows, use cases and datasets. No matter what tools your employees use, we’ll help you unleash their power! Watch a demo of our customized AI here.

Fully personalized to each employee

Every Enki module is customized for each employee, focused on their highest-impact use case at that time. Their coach ensures they deliver on their end goals - with streamlined workflows and increased efficiency reported back to their manager.
Zoom call
Erin Aminoff
I had trouble with this query. Can you break it down for me please?
Kaiya Dias
I want to master Excel pivot tables and analyze top customers with ease.
Corey Vetrovs
I need a Tableau dashboard to replace time-consuming Excel work.
Marcus Schleifer
I want to learn to build a dashboard in Looker to track partner performance.

Applied to highest-impact workflows

Jamie Westervelt
Mentor: Jaydon Turing
Week 3
Project work
Discuss project progress
Project work
Plan showcase with mentor
Plan next cycle

Team features

The Enki platform has a rich set of team features - including cohort-based learning, custom reports, and a learning structure which drives engagement of almost 90%.
Week 1
Week 2
Kick-off Call
Week 3
Week 4
Interactive exercises
Project work
Mentor Call
Mentor Call
Mentor Call
Mentor Call
Discuss use cases, goals and potential projects
Agree on project, discuss feedback and questions
Discuss project progress and further feedback
Plan Showcase and next Cycle
Showcase Session

Busy professionals ❤️ us

The Enki experience has an NPS of 91 and an engagement rate of 89%. Busy professionals love Enki because it fundamentally changes their workflow and productivity, with no time is wasted. No boring lectures, no fluff, all end-goal-oriented, and maybe even fun!

Choose what you want to master first. Full version has 7 day free trial.

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Access and work with data fast

Access and work with data fast

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Data 101

Learn how the best work with data

Learn how the best use data

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Create optimal visualizations

Create optimal visualizations

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Master dashboards in Looker

Dashboarding self-sufficiency

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Become an Excel or Sheets pro

Become an Excel or Sheets pro

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