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Product and Development
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At best, SQL and data analytics are glossed over in CS degrees. And many developers don’t work directly with SQL in their jobs, so it turns out that few have strong experience with it.

In general, SQL is the oldest, most established and wide-spread technology in terms of data relationships. It's used almost everywhere, so it makes developers more productive in many environments and settings.

Enki is the most effective team training experience for dev and product teams. We will enable:

1. Your PMs and designers to be self-sufficient with data to execute faster

2. Your developers to maximize their confidence with SQL and data tools

3. Your technical and non-technical team members to work more effectively together

Read the case studies below and see how our data course works to learn more.

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Product and Development

Learner Reviews

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Customized skills coaching for professionals who want to execute faster, learn state of the art tools, and accelerate their career
Sam Purtill

"After the pilot we had multiple people in the office asking to participate. We will get the whole company enrolled."

Sam Purtill - CTO, Jyve.com
Marina Hydeman

"In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively."

Marina Hydeman - Teacher Success Lead, Outschool

"I think everyone in our team would benefit from the Enki platform. It would make a lot of things a lot more digestible, and everything will happen faster"

Emily Lee - Customer Experience, Privacy.com