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Product and Development
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Your customized AI skills coach

Enki is the most effective way for those working on product to up-skill in a way that maximizes their productivity.

Below are a few of the use cases that Enki has helped product teams with, along with estimates of money savings as a result of improved workflows. All top use cases can be found here.

  • Visualizing product performance & feature adoption. Dashboard creation to avoid collecting relevant data each time. ~$7,000 / employee / year saved.
  • Determining new product expansion areas. Dashboard creation to see demand for new features or business areas in real time. ~$7,000 / employee / year saved.
  • Analyzing user engagement. Dashboard creation to visualize feature usage. ~$10,000 / employee / year saved.
  • Analysis of customer personas. Queries or dashboard creation to retrieve customer data on-demand. ~$5,000 / employee / year saved.
Is your product and development team using the tools available to them in the highest-impact way possible? Enki ensures this happens, and maximizes each employee’s productivity.

About Enki

  • AI-powered, customized 1:1 coaching
  • Fully customized to team needs
  • Pay only for active learners and results

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Product and Development

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Cost-effective 1:1 coaching

Having that friendly technical colleague by your side at all times isn’t cheap! But our software allocates their time in a way that makes it 10X more cost-effective than if it was all offline.