Enki was the perfect format for busy people - short, concise and well-formulated lessons.

Will Musat
Senior Software QA Engineer


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Marketplace

Will Musat

What did you think about your Enki experience in general?

I was excited to do it and I really liked it. Even though I wasn’t a beginner in SQL I learned a lot, and it was immediately useful. 

What did you think of the structure of the course?

The lessons were well formulated - short and concise. They were the perfect length. We’re all busy and have little time — and this was the right format with this in mind.

How are you now more self-sufficient?

To create new SQL queries I used to piece together and repurpose existing ones. I now feel empowered to write clean queries from scratch.

In terms of using Mode, I feel way more confident in general. I’m better at combining tables when creating a report and I’m better at displaying information.

Are your new skills saving you time?

I’m quicker at making reports, not least because I can now format them better. I’m also saving other people’s time when they view them. It’s a double time saving!

How have you used SQL in your current role?

As well as creating reports, I’ve used SQL to fix bugs. We had a problem where stuff wasn’t showing as expected on the back end - data was missing. With the new SQL skills I learned I was able to write a pretty meaty query, find the source of the problem, and fix it.

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