Now that I understand everything around SQL, it's easier to do research on my own. I feel empowered to be able to answer my own questions more often.

Marina Hydeman
Teacher Success Lead

  • San Francisco, CA
  • 50 - 100 employees
  • Education

Marina Hydeman

Save Time Using Automation to Enhance Strategic Work

The Problem:

Marina is on the Outschool operations team, where she is responsible for moving teachers through their teaching journey and giving them strategic advice, as well ensuring smooth and efficient operations for the company.

Before Enki, Marina did not have the skills to access and utilize the company's database to gather and analyze data, which limited her ability to make informed decisions and effectively support her team.

Enki’s Solution:

Using the skills she learned from the Enki's SQL Track, Marina was able to gain a deeper understanding of the language and use it to retrieve and analyze data from the company's database. This enabled her to make more informed decisions and better support the teachers she works with.

Instead of relying on the data team or making strategic decisions without data, Marina is now able to use SQL to gather and analyze data and confidently communicate her recommendations with the senior strategic members of the team.

The Results:

This automation has saved Bianca 4 hours of time a week that would otherwise have been spent on manually gathering and processing data from the company's database. Now, she can quickly and accurately retrieve and analyze the data she needs to make informed decisions and support her teacher's and team's goals.

This works out to approximately $4,300 in lost time being saved every year.

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