I learned a lot in a short period of time, while I’m no master yet, Enki provided the accountability I needed to prioritize time and get this done.

Elizabeth O'Donnell
Customer Support Lead


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 50 - 100 employees
  • Education

Elizabeth O'Donnell

What was your experience with SQL prior to Enki?

This was my first tech job so I had a pretty big learning curve when it came to working with data. There would be times where I'd learn a little bit of SQL, through working on some type of project, but usually it was just our data analytics team doing the bulk of the SQL work and then trying to bring me in at the end so I could understand a bit of what was going on. This meant that I kept learning bits and pieces of SQL over big chunks of time, which essentially felt like I was constantly starting at square one over and over again.

Why were you excited to learn SQL with Enki?

I was mainly excited for the consistency that I knew this course would provide. Even though my workload for my actual job was still a lot, I figured it would be worth it to be able to ‘level up’ my skill set and not have to rely so much on our data analysts.

How has the course impacted your work?

Well, for example, at one point in time we were having an issue where a lot of teachers were canceling classes at the last minute, and I was noticing the negative impact of this in our customer support world. People were upset, but it was hard to know how big of a problem this was (i.e. how often was it actually happening)? Understanding how to pull specific data ended up being crucial to figuring out next steps and solving the problem.

How did Enki meet your expectations?

The biggest benefit of Enki for me was the consistency. Even if I had a bunch of work and fell behind, the daily reminders/accountability helped me push towards the finish line. There’s never going to be a time in my worklife where I don’t have something to do; this made it reasonable and achievable to learn SQL.

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Sam Purtill

"After the pilot we had multiple people in the office asking to participate. We will get the whole company enrolled."

Sam Purtill - CTO, Jyve.com
Marina Hydeman

"In all seriousness... this has unblocked our team massively."

Marina Hydeman - Teacher Success Lead, Outschool

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Emily Lee - Customer Experience, Privacy.com