“I had never used Looker before, and Enki got me up to speed and productive in just a few hours.”

Jules Konjoian
Director of Supplier Enablement


  • Boston, MA
  • 100-500
  • Marketplace, B2B


Enki’s efficient, cost-effective training has empowered one of the fastest-growing US companies to increase their team’s Looker usage efficacy from 20% to over 80%.  The resulting increases in efficiency led to a 10% time saving for all employees, and 15% time saving for the data team. 

Overall, Fairmarkit generated over $100,000 in cost savings in Year 1 after working with Enki, a 7X ROI. Read on to learn how!

High-growth marketplace

Boston-based Fairmarkit is an intelligent sourcing platform revolutionizing the way businesses approach procurement. Their team has helped over 3,000+ companies achieve more efficient, strategic sourcing using data and automation.

Fairmarkit has seen incredible growth since Day 1, having been named a Gartner Cool Vendor within only 3 years of its 2017 launch. When Fairmarkit approached Enki they had a large existing client base and the team knew they needed to turbocharge their efficiency.

Self-sufficiency with Looker

Fairmarkit’s supplier, sourcing, and customer success teams rely heavily on BI software Looker to contextualize their customers’ data. Optimizing their procurement strategies is a matter of how effectively team members can analyze Looker data to identify potential solutions. 

“I need to intimately know what success means to each of my customers and to do that, I need to access and understand all of the various data we have at our disposal. The better I know my customers’ data, the more successful I can make them.” - Kate, Customer Success Manager

Fewer than 20% of business employees use Looker effectively without a streamlined, mentor-guided training process. Before partnering with Enki, the Fairmarkit Customer Success Team was no different. As a result, they relied heavily on the data team to get what they needed from Looker, which created a big bottleneck.

Enki was tasked with increasing the team's Looker utilization and confidence with the platform while reducing the data team bottleneck.

“My goal was to pick up the Looker basics so I don’t have to rely on our data person as much. To save both of us a lot of time. It was mission accomplished, and I wish I spent even more time on it!” - Eleni, Senior Customer Success Manager

Enki’s Solution

Enki’s data and business intelligence training platform is designed for everyone in the org, and is fully customized to each team member. To accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, efficient async exercises are coupled with targeted 1:1 guidance from Enki’s experts. And upon completion, everyone demonstrates exactly how their new skills will improve their workflow and save the team time - showing the strong ROI of the initiative.

After using Enki, team members became much more confident using Looker’s UI, building reports, and leveraging knowledge from Fairmarkit’s data stack. 

Thanks to Enki’s relevant, tailored approach, the Fairmarkit team was also highly satisfied with the training experience:

  • 92 minutes of learning time per week
  • 13/14 fully engaged
  • 90% completed exercises
“I loved the overall package and delivery format of Enki. Combining bite-sized training with available and smart mentorship is a way better model than the other bootcamps and online courses I've done.” - Conor, Customer Success Director

Impact on Fairmarkit

With more confidence navigating Looker, the Fairmarkit team is making more data-informed decisions, faster. Teammates are creating reports more quickly, answering their own questions more often, and feeling more empowered by the ability to work autonomously. 

“I’ve worked with Looker for two years, and never understood measures or dimensions. I’d bother Haley for help… I guess it’s just not how my brain works. In less than two weeks [of using Enki], I figured both out.” - Kristen, Head of Customer Care

As a result of Enki’s customized, easily digestible course and personal mentor guidance, execution has been massively sped up. Fairmarkit’s data team is now freed up to focus on more complex work. 

Perhaps most importantly, the Fairmarkit team is able to learn more from their data, enhancing their performance and creating even more value for their clients:

  • 60% more reports generated or questions answered
  • 10% of all employees’ time saved per week
  • 15% of the data team’s time saved per week
  • $103,000 in benefits resulting from the time savings above

Could your team be using Looker or data more effectively?

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