I loved how Enki allowed me to take an active role in my learning – it wasn’t just a passive process!

Megumi Shibata
Product Manager

Material World

  • New York
  • 11 - 50 employees
  • Fashion, E-commerce

Megumi Shibata

Did you have any experience with SQL before Enki?

I had previously tried other courses to bolster my understanding of SQL but I found these courses hard to understand and didn’t find them particularly helpful for how I wanted to use SQL.

How did your expectations of Enki match up with reality?

When I started Enki, I didn’t know what to expect. However, my experience with Enki was completely different to previous platforms I had used! I loved the flexibility of EnkiCamp which allowed me to take an active role in my learning and ensured that the content was suited to my needs.

How has what you have learned at Enki translated into your work?

Previously I was stuck having to wait for the more SQL literate members of the team to help with problems - this created a serious bottleneck. With my new understanding of SQL and relational databases, I am now able to better communicate my needs to the engineers but also validate any questions I ask. This allows me to take an active role in data processes as well as increasing the efficiency in which I work with my engineers – saving everybody time!

Enki really showed me that SQL can be such a strong tool. After the course I am now able to understand what goals to set for the company, measure outcomes more efficiently and properly retrieve and manipulate the large amount of data my company has access to.

What was your favourite thing about Enki?

I particularly enjoyed the project at the end as it allowed me to create something tangible that was immediately useful for my team. In fact, after the creation of my project I was able to convince my boss to implement a whole new strategy!

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