I'm used to manually sifting through data to determine the best expansion areas. Using the dashboard and skills learned from the Tableau Track, I can now easily update and visualize the latest information with the push of a button.

Craig Parrish-Fuenzalida
Senior Product Manager - Growth


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Fintech

Craig Parrish-Fuenzalida

Save Time Using Automation to Expand your Business

The Problem:

Craig is on the Kiavi product management team, and is responsible for choosing new service areas for their business as they expand.

Before Enki, choosing an area for expansion required manually sifting through data to find which of the potential expansion areas had the most requests for service.

Enki’s Solution:

Using new skills he learned from Enki's Tableau track, Craig built a dashboard to automatically track new requests for service in locations that are not currently served. 

Instead of sifting through data to manually total the requests for service each time service is expanded, he can now update and visualize the latest information with the push of a button.

The Results:

This automation has saved Craig 3 hours a week that would have otherwise been spent manually gathering, manipulating and visualizing data. 

This works out to approximately $13,000 in lost time being saved every year.

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