I loved that I was exposed to different methods of approaching questions, this really diversified and improved my problem solving abilities.

Artemii Solodukhov

Emerging Travel Group

  • London, UK
  • 1000+ employees
  • Online travel, E-commerce

Artemii Solodukhov

Did you have any experience with SQL before Enki?

I use SQL at work to help with data analysis so I would say that I was an intermediate user of SQL before I started Enki. However, I still was not too confident using it.

How did your expectations of Enki match up with reality?

I didn’t really have too many expectations of the course. I think I just wanted to boost my experience and confidence with SQL. EnkiCamp surpassed all my expectations. I didn’t expect the course to be so engaging especially as I had lost interest with so many online courses previously!

How has what you have learned at Enki translated into your work place?

I now feel so much more confident when approaching problems in SQL. The course has saved me so much time at work - no more wasted hours scrolling through google to find the solution to problems. I feel like I can resolve anything that SQL throws at me.

What was your favourite thing about Enki?

I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the course! I especially loved how the instructor would challenge me and introduce me to different methods of approaching SQL problems. This really helped me diversify my approach to SQL which really helped with challenges I faced at work.

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