The biggest benefit is that I can now communicate about data and have a much more effective working relationship with our technical team. It’s saved so much time on both my end and on our analysts’ end.

Erin Anderson
Operations Manager, Acquisition and Engagement


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Marketplace

Erin Anderson

How did you find Enki in general?

It was a really positive experience. I started with literally zero SQL knowledge and was a little apprehensive as my teammates knew more than me. However, the Enki coaches were really approachable. 

The practise questions were also so helpful. I constantly referred to the course material back and forth, back and forth, as I was answering the questions, familiarizing myself with the syntax and growing my confidence.

What was your experience with your mentor like?

I loved my one-on-one time with our instructor, Jonathan. My time with him was always super valuable as I could ask him whatever questions I wanted, no matter how big or small. We did a lot of screen sharing either on his end or on my end, and that was the most helpful part. He was awesome!

What are you empowered in now that you weren’t before?

I know it sounds so simple, but before Enki I didn’t even understand how to ask our analysts for what I needed half the time, let alone interpret or review it. And now it takes half the time it used to to build complex reports with an analyst because I can sit down with them and say, “OK, I need this and this and this”. The course taught me how to articulate my data requests so I’m able to build reports a lot more quickly.

Before starting Enki I couldn’t even create simple reports on Mode or Looker by myself. Now I can!

How else has Enki changed your day-to-day work at Jyve?

It has freed up my time to be able to do other high priority tasks, which is huge. For example, I’ve been running an engagement campaign which I just didn’t have time to work on before. I’m able to deliver more quickly on other parts of my role.

How has EnkiCamp changed the way you collaborate with others?

My collaboration with the analysts is so much better as I can understand what they’re saying to me! Also instead of having to bog down my team leader, or ask seven other people, I can now do a lot more things myself. Knowledge of SQL has been a huge time saver on my end and a huge time saver for our analysts. It’s gold that I’m able to communicate with our technical team now.

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