Since finishing even the first module, it's been astonishing to see how quickly things now move. I’m now more self-sufficient and can talk the same talk as the analysts.

Adam Wishon
Field Operations Specialist / Data Analyst


  • San Francisco, CA
  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Marketplace

Adam Wishon

How did you find Enki?

It was so user friendly. I really enjoyed the structure and the overall pace. It was great having real time resources like Slack and one-on-one contact with my coach, Jonathan. I really appreciated having access to somebody either first thing in the morning or later at night or even on the weekend whenever a question came up.

The content was also super clear and relatable. The examples that were used when writing queries were very real world. It was really refreshing seeing content like that.

What are you able to do with the skills that you learned?

I’m now confident in writing my own SQL queries and I’m now comfortable with the data-analysis and visualisation tools we use, like Mode. I can now build out reports independently so I’m steps ahead from needing to go directly to our data analysts. I feel way more self-sufficient and empowered to carry out the data-intensive parts of my job. 

How much time are you saving?

Previously whenever I needed reports, even simple or basic ones, it could take two days, maybe even two days before it was acknowledged. And then it would take another few days for our analysts to complete the request. Now I can do them myself, and at most have one of our analysts spend a minute or two checking the details. So it’s saving loads of time on both my end and on the analysts’ end.

How has it affected your team?

It’s affected the whole dynamic of the ops and dev/analyst team as we can now have richer interactions. Even though the primary reason for doing the course was to learn an important skill, the biggest benefit that I see is that we gained the soft skill of empathy and understanding each other and actually being able to have more effective conversations.

How has Enki affected your career?

In my current role, knowing SQL will open up a lot more doors for me as I’ll be able to work on projects where those skills are necessary. More broadly speaking, there’s also a long term career benefit where more data-focused roles will now be available to me. Having even rudimentary SQL on your resume is pretty impactful. For now, I see myself continuing to work in data-driven environments, and from a business ops perspective, data analysis skills are paramount.

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