I’m so glad I was offered the opportunity to build on my knowledge of SQL. If there’s one thing I’ve realized working in a technology company it’s that SQL is an extremely important skill to have... even if you’re not an engineer!

Mimi Luo
Business Operations


  • New York, NY
  • 10 - 50 employees
  • Fintech

Mimi Luo

How did you find your Enki course?

I was really pleased - I had a simple understanding of SQL before Enki but never realized how accessible our own database could be. I’ve seen a real improvement in my productivity and teamwork since taking the course and I’m excited to continue honing my newfound skills.

What was your personal project and how did it help you?

Everyone had individual projects that helped in our respective roles, mainly they enabled us to back the information we present, to our supervisors and the company, with data. Through my project I learned how to use SQL to gather all the information I need for my day to day to tasks. 

This project has allowed me to stop working with outside data and instead start querying information in our own database. 

How are your new skills helping you work?

Having a more in-depth understanding of SQL is not only saving me time but has also really enhanced my teamwork as I’m now able to query our database and help provide information to others. 

Tell us more about how your skills are helping your collaborations?

I’m able to provide information to others that wouldn’t be available without querying the database. For example, I’ve been able to supply info needed by our associate CX team members and have also helped gather information needed for a few larger projects. I’m also able to read a query that’s sent to me for review and give feedback, which I was not capable of previously.

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