Overall the SQL material was really helpful, thorough, and easy to understand. I always figured it would be easier to wait days to get my queries from the development team but now I’m able to pull and discuss data myself!

Jocelyn Hu
Head of Marketing


  • New York, NY
  • 10 - 50 employees
  • Fintech

Jocelyn Hu

Save Time Using Automation to Assign Customer Personas

The Problem:

Jocelyn is on the Privacy.com marketing team, and is responsible for segmenting users into personas to deliver targeted marketing strategies. 

Before Enki, categorizing new customers by personas was a manual process each time a new customer signed up.

Enki’s Solution:

Using the skills she learned from Enki's SQL Track, Jocelyn built a dashboard that automatically groups customers into personas based on their characteristics.

Instead of manually assigning a persona whenever a new customer signs up, they will automatically be sorted into their persona and displayed on the dashboard.

The Results:

This automation has saved Jocelyn 5 hours of time a week that would have otherwise been spent manually retrieving customer data and using it to assign personas to new users. 

This works out to approximately $16,600 in lost time being saved every year.

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