Episode 4: Fintech secrets (Immad Akhund, Ian Kar)

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  • Date
    May 4, 2021
  • Time (PT)
    12:00 pm
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Learn about the secrets that are driving some of the top fintech companies today.

On Tuesday May 4th noon PT, Kirill Makharinsky (CEO of Enki) will have an interactive conversation on the topic with Immad Akhund and Ian Kar.

Immad is the CEO and founder of Mercury Bank - one of the fastest-growing fintech companies today, backed by Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Naval Ravikant and many more top-tier investors. Ian is the CEO and founder of Fintech Today, a community and content company focused on the fintech startup ecosystem.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. What the future of fintech holds, and how that’s being played out today;
  2. What the hottest companies are focused on, and what top-tier VCs are most excited about in fintech;
  3. What differentiates the most effective teams in fintech from the rest;
  4. What’s hot and not in fintech right now. (We might even cover Bitcoin, NFTs, you know, the important stuff.)

And we won't just talk about stories and advice, we'll also show! We'll dig into examples and artifacts, and learn what worked and didn't at the companies that Immad and Ian have had exposure to.

Finally, Immad and Ian will go through our fintech-themed Grandma test, dashboard review, and company scenario challenges! As always, you'll be able to ask Immad or Ian a question at any time during the event.

Get on the invite list via the form below, and see you on Tuesday May 4th! And make sure to share the event with any colleagues and friends in fintech too.

Episode Highlights

What is embedded Fintech and why does it matter?
Fintech is changing in a major way. Here's how...
How to describe SPAC to a Grandma?
Are Fintech valuations out of control?
Why big banks should buy Fintech startups...
How to set up operating principles for your startup
Why Fintech is so exciting for employees
Fintech and crypto. Are we there yet?
Navigating through startup drama with Immad and Ian

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