Episode 1: How the fastest growing companies work with data

Learn how companies like Stripe and Airbnb invested in and crafted their data culture

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  • Date
    December 15, 2020
  • Time (PT)
    10:00 am
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  • Industry
    Fintech, E-commerce


What's the #1 thing that separates the fastest-growing companies from the rest? It's the quality of their data culture.

Learn how companies like Stripe, Airbnb and Revolut created an environment for all their teams to use data effectively in their businesses - one of the biggest factors for their success today.

This webinar will be most useful for execs and leaders within operations, sales, marketing and product at growing companies that want to ensure their teams are making data-informed decisions as they grow. But any employee who is or wants to be at a fast-growing company will find the insights useful.

  • Why exactly and how should every team in a company think about its data culture?
  • How do you know if a team has a strong data culture?
  • How did the fastest-growing companies in the world like Stripe, Airbnb and Revolut invest in their data culture?
  • What are some practical tips, tricks and techniques to improve any team’s data culture and data skills?
  • How should teams think about tooling and hiring processes in the context of data?

Episode Highlights

The truth about internal SQL and data workshops

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