At Enki I learned why and not just how - this really helped bolster my understanding of SQL.

Meghana Muppidi
Growth Marketing Manager


  • San Francisco / Bay Area
  • 11 - 50 employees
  • Human Resources, Recruiting, Software

Meghana Muppidi

Did you have any experience with SQL before Enki?

Before I started Enki I had a basic understanding of SQL but I never really had a chance to practice it. I knew that SQL would be useful for my work but I do not have a technical background so I always felt slightly intimidated by SQL.

How did your expectations of Enki match up with reality?

Coming into the course I knew I wanted to build upon and cement my understanding of SQL but I completely underestimated the impact Enki would have on my work. I think the fact that Enki teaches you the why and not just the how when writing queries really allowed me to understand and practice the concepts I was familiar with.

How has what you have learned at Enki translated into your work place?

I now understand the processes behind queries rather than just passively writing them. This allowed me to better understand our back end processes. Before completing the course I had to wait for other members of the team to perform SQL related tasks. Now I am able to navigate databases and pull relevant data without help! I am also now able to communicate much more efficiently with engineers on the team.

What was your favourite thing about Enki?

I really enjoyed how customizable the experience was. For areas that I found particularly useful I was able to dig deeper into slightly more advanced concepts. This really allowed me to maximize my time!

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