Since going through the Data 101 Track, I've eliminated 6 hours of manual work a week, and am now able to quickly identify under-engaged partners.

Lauren Lindenbach
Partner Success Representative


  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Software

Lauren Lindenbach

Save Time Using Automation to Measure Partner Engagement

The Problem:

Lauren is on the Jane partner success team, and is responsible for tracking how engaged each partner is with their data analytics sessions. 

Before Enki, data about the sessions needed to be manually gathered and manipulated to determine which partners were falling below the average number of sessions.

Enki’s Solution:

Using the skills she learned from Enki's Data 101 Track, Lauren built a dashboard that automates gathering and displaying the data about partner analytics sessions. 

Instead of manually gathering session data from each partner, she can now retrieve the latest data with the push of a button to quickly identify if any partners need more attention.

The Results:

This automation has eliminated 6 hours of manual work a week and the potential for error when identifying under-engaged partners. 

This works out to $5,800 in lost time being saved every year.

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