After going through the SQL Track, I no longer have to spend hours manually gathering and manipulating sales data. I can now measure performance on demand with ease.

Jon Valcich
Sales Operations Analyst

The Shade Store

  • Port Chester, NY
  • 500 - 1000 employees
  • Retail

Jon Valcich

Save Time Using Automation to Track Product Sales

The Problem:

Jon is on The Shade Store sales team, and monitors product releases to see if sales are better or worse than expected day-to-day. 

Before Enki, he gathered, manipulated and visualized all of the sales data to compare it to targets every time the team wanted to measure performance.

Enki’s Solution:

Using the skills he learned from Enki's SQL Track, Jon built a dashboard that instantly gathers and visualizes the latest sales data.

Instead of investing hours of time to manually gather and work with the data, he can now measure how products are performing on-demand.

The Results:

This automation has saved Jon 5 hours of time a week that otherwise would have been spent manually gathering and manipulating the sales data. 

These saved hours work out to approx $9,700 in lost time being saved every year.

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