What Are Analysis Environments

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When it comes to coding in Python, there are several environments you can choose from.

These environments are shells[1], IDE's[2], and other programs that let you write, test, and run Python code.

The most basic environment you can write Python in is your OS's terminal[3].

To try it out, open your terminal, type in the word python and press Enter.

A python environment that understands Python is usually called the interpreter[4].

💡 Different versions of Python will have different keywords to launch the interpreter. The most common ones are py and python.

Even though most operating systems come with a pre-installed version of the Python interpreter it is not the recommended tool for coding as it lacks many user-friendly features.

There are superior programs with better interpreters, such as:

  • Jupyter Lab
  • IDLE
  • nteract
  • PyScripter
  • Google colab
  • VScode
  • and may more

💡 Some of the awesome features these provide are type suggestions, syntax highlighting, in-line graphics, and so on.


[1: Shell]

Shells are command-line tools used to execute code.

[3:I DE's]

IDE's or Integrated Development Environments are software applications used for building other applications.

Usually, all IDE's consist of a graphical user interface (GUI), a source code editor, a debugger, and a compiler.

In layman's terms, it is a program that makes it easier for developers to create other programs.

[3: Terminal Gif]

Terminals are programs on the computer that let us communicate with shells. We send input (commands) into and receive output (results) out of the shell via a terminal.

Here's how we can run the `python` shell:

Terminal Gif

[4: Interpreter]

An interpreter is a program that can interpret and execute code line by line.

It can read and analyze codes in specific languages without the need to translate them into a machine language first.

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