Intro to Data Analysis with Python

This series will serve as an introduction to the Data Analysis with Python topic. It is not meant to be an in-depth guide but rather an overview of the features for beginners.

We’ll cover what data analysis is, why Python is good for it, which environments and libraries exist, as well as some examples of the analysis process.

We won’t cover advanced and complex analysis in these blog posts.

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Data analysis is the process of analyzing and discovering useful information from data.

The process has a handful of steps:

  • Decide which questions you want to answer
  • Figure out which data you need
  • Decide how you want to measure and gather your data
  • After collecting the data, you can use different tools to spot patterns
  • Analyze/conclude your findings
  • Communicate/share the findings

💡 The analysis process is iterative. You will sometimes repeat the same steps to get different or more accurate results based on newly acquired data.

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