Unlock the power of Spreadsheets

With Enki you won’t just become awesome at Spreadsheets. You’ll use them like the top 1% do in your role.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the highest-impact formulas and functions for your role
  • Learn how to create the most effective visualizations for your role
  • Become comfortable and efficient with data cleaning, manipulation and aggregation
  • Become comfortable with correlations and cohort analysis by practicing with real business data
  • Learn linear forecasting to help with predictive analysis
  • Get familiar with advanced Excel skills like pivot tables and VBA


Perfect for high growth teams
  • All Professional features +
  • Personalized curriculum based on team needs
  • Custom final projects as curated by management
    Custom reporting depending on team needs
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Perfect for busy professionals
  • Interactive exercise platform
    1:1 review and guidance from a mentor
    Cohort-based learning experience
  • Custom project based on personal needs
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Fully customized to every employee

This isn't an online course that you won't finish because it uses abstract exercises. Enki is fully customized, and ensures you apply what you learn in the most valuable way for your role.


Designed to help execute faster

We'll guide you towards learning what will save you time and help you move faster in your role. No more waiting days or weeks to get data or the reports you need. And the data team will be freed up to focus on the hard stuff.

Busy professionals ❤️ us

The Enki experience has an NPS of 91 and a course completion rate of 95%. Busy professionals love Enki because it fundamentally changes their workflow and productivity, but no time is wasted. No boring lectures, no fluff, all end-goal-oriented, and maybe even fun!

Even halfway through the course, I found myself getting exponentially more confident in the work I was trying to do prior to EnkiCamp. It was kinda like a light switch, since I’d had some exposure to SQL before.
Luke Lohden
The trade off between knowledge gained vs. time spent and amount paid is, in my opinion, super worth it for a motivated professional.
Alex Marcus
I’m now capable of addressing community problems by saying “it's happening elsewhere, x frequently,” and can start down the path of finding root causes.
Latonya Moore

On-demand mentor support

One of the reasons the Enki experience works: every single learner is paired with a dedicated Enki mentor, which ensures everyone has an experience which is fully-customized to their role.

Personalized guidance

Imagine having a friendly technical colleague always by your side. Our mentors are on hand to answer questions, motivate, and troubleshoot an issue whenever it’s needed.

New skills applied to every role

There’s little value to learning abstract concepts that don’t use company data. Our mentors will ensure you’re applying what you’re learning in the highest-impact way for your role.

Cost-effective 1:1 coaching

Having that friendly technical colleague by your side at all times isn’t cheap! But our software allocates their time in a way that makes it 5X more cost-effective than if it was all offline.

Meet our mentors

Our mentors are data analysts and data scientists at some of the top companies in the US. They are experienced in all the major BI tools, so no matter your data stack - you’ll be in safe hands.

by Enki

Customized for all

Role-specific. Adapted to any data stack.
Highest-impact benefit driven.

On-demand guidance

All your questions answered. Async or live.
Our mentors make sure you get results.

Software and science enabled

Forget going from a horse to just a car.
In terms of the skills training experience, we’ve gone straight to a Tesla.