What’s new? Introducing 9 new skills!


Over the last few months, we’ve added a LOT of coding for beginners, data, and no-code content to the Enki app. You’ll find it all in the skill map section of the app. Our mission with each update is to help you expand your skills more and more.

A special shout out to our amazing community contributors who suggested improvements within the insights and workouts. The top three this month were Mickey Pashov, Saul Blanco Tejero, and Dejan Perovic. We love and appreciate your feedback! 🙌

Later this month, we’ll introduce a brand new design of the app – we can’t wait to show it to you! 

Introducing new topics

Coding Intro

Learn the foundations of how to speak with computers. It’s the ideal starting point for those who are learning to code.

Data Analysis

A non-coding topic on Data Analysis best practices and applications. It also covers data and business intelligence tools like Google Analytics, Looker, Mode and Tableau.

Regular Expressions

Learn how to match, extract, and replace data using regular expressions and become a pattern-finding ninja. The regex flavor we teach should apply for any programming language.


JavaScript’s safety-focused cousin was created by taking all the features from JavaScript and adding types on top. It’s one of the fastest-growing and most sought after languages in the world.


Create websites and user interfaces without writing code. Learn to build online stores, blogs, landing pages and more without coding!


Get rid of your boring or routine tasks by connecting applications into an automated workflow. No code involved.


It looks like a spreadsheet but works as a database. It’s a powerful no-code tool used for both personal and business applications.


Become an expert in Excel and Google Sheets. Aside from learning basic spreadsheet skills, more advanced users can dive into more complicated topics that include pivot tables and advanced functions.


We’ve revamped and improved the first few workouts for beginners in every single one of our skills. If you thought the beginner content in any of the skills was too hard before, make sure to check them out now!

Review highlights


“This is the best programming application that there is. I am now able to write an entire Python code with ease because of Enki. And for the record, I am 13.” by Robo-bro


“Thanks For your great work This helps that poor student who don't afford coching fee but wants to learn coding thanks for this greet work i want to give more star but there are only five but your work is precious keep doing.” by Harshit B


“Wow. this app offers really good explanations! I am doing the java course and I love it! it explains everything that might not be clear for a complete beginner in a great way! So far, I love it!” by kweenofcode

Bug fixes and improvements

Huge app loading and speed improvements

We don’t just notice the positive reviews! Here’s a review from a few months ago:


“The app is poorly optimized 😷 it takes ages to get a response when clicking through things 🤕” by Achwaq K

Since then, we’ve been busy improving how the app works under the hood. It took us a few months but it was absolutely worth it. Every interaction loads 2x faster than before now. Epic win. *loud warp engine noises*

As always, you can access the latest version of the app here:

Coming soon

We are planning something special. Very soon we will unveil an exciting new redesign of the Enki app. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got.

Until then, here’s a small teaser for you.

Artem Kubatkin

Head of Growth


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