Origins of Enki

Origination The deity Enki was born first into the world within the hearts and minds of the ancient Mesopotamian people, the Sumerians. Enki was the chief deity of the city of Eridu. According to the ancient Sumerian text, called the “king list”, Eridu was the first city in the world. Eridu was located just near […]

Enki & Inanna: Political Theories

The two deities Enki, prime god of the Sumerian city Eridu, and Inanna portrayed as the evening star and a major deity of the city Uruk were feature in a few different mythological tales. The theory behind the god Enki’s involvement with the goddess Inanna is that there is political history being half-recorded through the […]

The Defining Attributes Of Enki

Essentially, Enki was the supreme deity of intelligence, creation, wisdom, and all magic, at least to those within the city of Eridu. To fully appreciate this, consider the cities of that time, as the same cities we have here in the present. Consider our political structures as well. We have a mayor, commerce, county officials, […]

The Influence Of Enki On Modern Religion

Because Enki was also known originally as the god of the waters, naturally, water played a major in most of the ceremonies, and rituals that took place in his temple. The reference to water is so subtle, than many people have missed the connection over the years. But gradually, it dawned on the community of […]

Enkiís Temptations

Despite Enki’s portrayal as deity of wisdom and creation, Enki was also pursuant of incestuous affairs, and prone to temptation. In one aspect, this sheds light on the humanity of ancient deities so long ago, as opposed to the modern Christian god who is faultless. More light is shed on the fact that even as […]

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