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Enki for Finance and Admin Teams

Maximize your finance and admin team's potential!

Finance and accounting are not easy. They not only require strong smarts and attention to detail, but also plenty of mental power.

You have to stay sane while working with hundreds of fragmented sources of data from different spreadsheets and reports.

If your finance teams feel like they’re spending way too much in spreadsheets - Enki is here to save them!
Enki is the most effective team training experience for finance professionals. We will enable them to:

1. Become self-sufficient with SQL and other data tools, unshackling them from spreadsheet constraints;
2. Improve their data-related thought processes;
3. Work better with analysts and developers.

Read the case studies below and see how our data course works to learn more.

Finance and Admin Teams Love It

Alex Marcus
Slow Ventures

The trade off between knowledge gained vs. time spent and amount paid is, in my opinion, super worth it for a motivated professional.

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Step 1

 by doing

Complete short, interactive exercises every day. Wherever you are. All you need is a web browser.
Step 2

Get personalized
feedback as you learn

Our tech helps our instructors see your progress, to help guide you with personalized feedback and discussion
Step 3

Apply to your work

Graduate by completing a project relevant to your day to day work
You did it!

Get a certificate

With certificate you will also receive a life-long access to Enki Slack community, where you can ask for help, advice, and get free perks from our partners.

Our learners work at

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Resources for Finance and Admin Professionals

Our tech automates exercise assignments, real-time assessment, progress analysis, and much more - focusing instructors' time on personalized discussion and feedback.
Our instructors have access to a set of tools which give them insights and trends on each learner within the cohort they are responsible for. This helps them deliver the right, personalized experience to each learner.
Our learning recommendation and spaced repetition algorithms leverage the data from our mobile application which has collected over 100M data points on over a million learners.
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The science and tech powering Enki

Here's a peek into the technology and data-driven tools enabling our instructors, and constantly improving the experience for our learners.

Enki is backed by some of the top investors globally:

Digital Leaders Ventures
AirCall, PayKey
I2BF Digital
ServiceTitan, Fubo.tv
Victor Hwang
Industry Ventures
Murtaza Ahmed
Softbank Vision Fund
Suranga Chandratillake
Balderton Capital
Andy McLoughlin
Uncork Capital
Alan Rutledge
Eric Wu
Roger Dickey
Zach Coelius
Coelius Capital
Rick Marini
Tickle, BranchOut
Errol Damelin
Chris Mairs
Metaswitch Networks
Auren Hoffman
Dave Hersh
John Earner
SpaceApe Games
Matt Humphrey
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