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How the fastest-growing companies work with data

Learn how companies like Stripe and Airbnb invested in and crafted their data culture


What's the #1 thing that separates the fastest-growing companies from the rest? It's the quality of their data culture.

Learn how companies like Stripe, Airbnb and Revolut created an environment for all their teams to use data effectively in their businesses - one of the biggest factors for their success today.


This webinar will be most useful for execs and leaders within operations, sales, marketing and product at growing companies that want to ensure their teams are making data-informed decisions as they grow. But any employee who is or wants to be at a fast-growing company will find the insights useful.


  • Why exactly and how should every team in a company think about its data culture?
  • How do you know if a team has a strong data culture?
  • How did the fastest-growing companies in the world like Stripe, Airbnb and Revolut invest in their data culture?
  • What are some practical tips, tricks and techniques to improve any team’s data culture and data skills?
  • How should teams think about tooling and hiring processes in the context of data?

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About the speakers:

Kirill Makharinsky
Founder & CEO, Enki

Kirill Makharinsky is the founder and CEO of Enki, the partner of choice for high-growth companies who want their teams to be data fluent. Previously he co-founded ETG (the largest online B2B travel company in Europe) and Quid (a leading research and analysis tool). His companies have raised over $100m and employ over 1.5K people.

Daniel Mintz
Chief Data Evangelist, Looker

Daniel Mintz is the Chief Data Evangelist at Looker. Previously, he was Head of Data & Analytics at Upworthy and Director of Analytics at political powerhouse Throughout his career, Daniel has focused on how people interact with data in their everyday lives and how they can use it to get better at what they do.

Abhi Thanendran
Former Lead Data Scientist, Revolut

One of the top 100 influential people in data, according to DataIQ. While Abhi was the Data Lead at Revolut, they grew from a $50 million to $5.5 billion valuation, and the data team scaled from 1 to 100+ people. He was responsible for building the foundational data infrastructure, culture, strategy, hiring processes and driving the importance of data driven decisions for the product teams.

Jesse Farmer
Former CTO, Everlane

Jesse was a co-founder and CTO of Everlane - one of the leading online retailers. He is known as one of the top technical coaches in the world having started CodeUnion - a SQL training service used by some of the top companies in Silicon Valley; and Dev Bootcamp, a pioneer in the coding bootcamp industry. Jesse advises Enki on its training techniques that help companies become data fluent.

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