How it works

Learning by doing, learning with peers, practical goal driven, and experienced remote mentors guiding you the whole way. “0 to productive” in 2 hours / week. The way learning new skills for your job should be.
  • 1
    Week 1: Querying Data
    You'll learn to query, sort, and filter single tables in a database.
  • 2
    Week 2: Relating Data
    Join tables, aggregate columns, and use conditional expressions.
  • 3
    Week 3: Tools and analysis
    Learn how relational databases are designed. Learn about your BI tool of choice.
  • Week 4: Practical project!
    Time to apply your new skills. Our instructors and mentors will guide you in executing on a project most relevant for you.

Course Syllabus

This 4-week experience covers the foundation of SQL (the ANSI standard kind that works everywhere) and relational database modeling.

After the course you'll able to design and query databases, and use the BI tools adopted by your company. You'll also have more confidence during technical conversations, and be more rigorous when contributing to data-related projects at work.
How it works

 by doing

Complete short, interactive exercises every day. Wherever you are.
How it works

Get personalized
feedback as you learn

Our tech helps our instructors see your progress, to help guide you with personalized feedback and discussion

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How it works

Discuss key topics live

Once a week, dig into important concepts or issues during an efficient 1:1 video call
How it works

Apply to your work

Graduate by completing a project relevant to your day to day work

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Josh Schultheiss

I had a very positive experience getting my SQL certification. I learned a ton and got a lot of value out of the time I put in.‍

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Antonio Rodrigues

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. I was able to achieve everything I set out to learn, plus a few things I didn’t even know were possible!‍

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Emily Lee

This course was excellent, even for those with little to no SQL experience! Having access to a mentor and weekly check-ins meant I always felt supported and was able to learn at a pace that suited me, which definitely helped build my confidence and skill.

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